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What's Your Pickle


A Media Partners Release
Program Length: 17 minutes

This customer service training picks up where Give 'em the Pickle left off! Bob Farrell presents a series of inspiring and fun-filled stories that exemplify the "pickle philosophy" and offer fresh insight into how your team can give those pickles! 

  • Build on connecting with the customer
  • Inspire your CSRs to new heights
  • Memorable stories that easily translate into practice


What's Your Pickle

Bob Farrell is back!
...and he's more entertaining than ever. This time he hits the road in a fun-filled search for the secrets of the "world-class pickle givers". You'll love the stories and truths he discovers!

"If you look and you listen, your customers will tell you what your pickle is."

Bob's boundless energy makes it feel like he's there LIVE in your meeting! His contagious enthusiasm will inspire your service providers and help them refine their Pickle-giving skills by presenting four great ways to determine "What's Your Pickle?"

Bob presents four great ways that help team members determine what their customers really want:
  • CONNECT with your customers
  • ANTICIPATE what they'll need next
  • DELIGHT your customers
  • INSPIRE yourself and others


Streaming includes the video only.  Elearning includes the video with some review points and a post test. 

DVD/USB packages typically include facilitation and participant materials, as well as sample Pickle Paraphernalia and other ancillary items. To see the complete list of what you get, select the DVD or USB format and click on the Information icon.

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
What's Your Pickle
reviewed by 4 people
    Francine Polich-Burns - SIUE
Here's what I liked about What's your Pickle... I once again came away inspired by the passion that Bob Farrell brings to this philosophy. Each time I use the Pickle training videos I walk away thinking that more and more people everywhere need to see this. It's not just about business but life in general because most of the things that are taking place have nothing to do with business but plain old being human. This is another winner! I'm very glad to have viewed this Pickle!
    John L Steiner - Heaven's Best
It made you feel good about helping others. We are going to use this in our training so our people will see that giving pickles is the only way to treat people.
    Kenneth Hull - UHS Hospitals
We use the "Give 'em the Pickle!" video for all new employees and they love it. This new video is a natural follow-up to it. the concepts are exactly what we are trying to instill in our 3400 healthcare employees. We will be purchasing it. Though I do training in healthcare, I strongly believe in generic examples that everyone can relate to and "What's Your Pickle?" fits the bill.
    Michael Banister - Chico Eye Center
The best part about this program is not just its common sense and simple to apply philosophy, but Bob Farrell is a great and enthusiastic presenter. How can you not be inspired by it? I want all my employees to become active pickle purveyors.