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We understand that within any given company’s culture, some programs are just a better fit than others. That’s why our team of training consultants are committed to researching and recommending the right show for the right industries. They read your publications, they talk with your peers (competitors) and they preview almost every new training program released, in search of those they would be proud to recommend to you.

Donna A.


Training Consultant
Specializing in Leisure, Restaurants & Transporation

Still on my life’s “to do” list: Master the piano
The last food I would ever give up: Pizza
If I won the lottery: I would finally get that beach house I’ve always wanted

Sue M.


Training Consultant
Specializing in Government, Aerospace and Energy Industries

Still on my life’s “to do” list: Where do I begin? My list includes: visiting distant relatives in Europe, attending the Olympic Games, learning more foreign languages, taking cooking lessons in Italy and Thailand, and much more…
The last food I would ever give up: Fresh raspberries
If I won the lottery: I would do a complete home makeover, travel the world, and stock my new cellar with fine wine. My favorite charities would get a generous donation, too!

Susan D.


Training Consultant
Specializing in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Still on my life’s “to do” list: Each day, the goal is to be appreciative, and to recognize, as much as possible, the amazing moments - big and small - as they are happening.
The last food I would ever give up: Peanut Butter
If I won the lottery: My home would look like a library. (And I'd be completely willing to share the books!)


Kevin T.


Training Consultant
Specializing in Education & Insurance

Still on my life’s “to do” list: Perfect my vocal ability and also take a river barge trip along the Danube
The last food I would ever give up: Shellfish
If I won the lottery: Make a donation to provide clean water to third world countries and buy a villa in the south of France or in the Tuscany region of Italy.

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